Win a FRISKIES pamper hamper : (29 Nov - 06 Dec)

In this day and age, we place an important emphasis on healthy living - we read up on ways to get fitter, live longer, boost our immune system and be well. Is your pet getting the same attention when it comes to health? When it comes to the manufacturing of pet food, more goes into it than we humans think. FRISKIES® offers proper and complete nutrition and PURINA®'S pet care line offers advice on health and nutrition.

FRISKIES® provides all the great taste and nutrition cats need to stay full of life, all day, everyday. FRISKIES® is committed to helping cat owners world-wide care for their cats in the best way possible. FRISKIES® is 100% nutritionally complete and contains the correct balance of proteins, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids for your cat's vitality and well-being.

The following FRISKIES® nutritional tips will help cat owners to maximise the health of your cat:

  • Ensure that your cat has fresh drinking water available at all times;
  • If you are considering switching to FRISKIES®, you should do this on a gradual basis, over 5 - 7 days, to avoid any digestive upsets;
  • If your cat is overweight, consider switching to a low-calorie diet to assist your pet with attaining the ideal body condition;
  • Supplements are not necessary when a cat is being fed FRISKIES®;
  • Table scraps will not provide the balanced diet that your cat requires. Ideally table scraps should not be fed, however, if you do offer table scraps, this should never exceed 10% of a cat's daily food intake - Remember… FRISKIES® is complete and balanced;
  • Raw meat is not a balanced diet for cats. Raw meat may contain parasites and cooked meat can be high in fat and does not contain a proper balance of nutrients;
  • Proteins supply essential amino acids needed for good health - FRISKIES® contains 28% protein;
  • Fatty acids are required for a healthy skin and shiny coat;
  • Taurine is an essential amino acid which promotes good eye sight and a healthy heart;
  • Vitamins and minerals promote a good metabolism and healthy immune system and
  • Calcium helps to promote strong bones teeth.

    Purina, the world leading experts in holistic pet care, manufacture numerous cat and dog food brands that are familiar to us all - including Friskies, Friskies Pamper, Friskies Fine Cut, Fancy Feast, Pro Plan, Olympic, Alpo Full Course, Alpo Vitagen and Alpo Husky to mention a few.

    For expert pet care and nutrition advice, please call the Purina Pet Care Advisors on 086-010 0614.

  • Win (5 hampers):
    To win a FRISKIES® pamper hamper for you and your feline friend valued at R500.00 each, and exclusive to the web site visitors only simply:

    SMS "FRISKIES" and your name to 35100 (sms cost R3)
    1 Winner per day until the 06th of Dec. (5 winners)

    The Hamper includes:
    Cat food - different variants
    Cat treats
    1 x custom made FRISKIES® play gym
    1 x Pet blanket
    1 x Branded carry bag

    PURINA® Mission Statement
    At PURINA®, "we care!" about pets, in fact we are passionate about them and understand how much your pets mean to you. Both the company and all of its staff are committed to providing the highest quality pet foods with advanced pet care information services to help people and pets live longer, healthier, and happier lives together.

    PURINA® advocates responsible pet ownership and encourages pet owners and pet professionals to care for all pets with:

  • Proper and complete nutrition
  • Good veterinary care
  • A pleasant, safe environment
  • Ample nursing time for puppies and kittens
  • Love and companionship

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